How do you know if you’ve found the best sports betting site? What makes a top site, and what criteria should be evaluated before deciding to wager with a certain site?

Though people may have slightly different definitions of what makes a great sports betting site, there are definitely some criteria that all agree make the best sports betting sites Ireland has to offer. 
In this guide, we walk you through some of those criteria and explore how you can evaluate them before deciding whether to place that acca or not. 
Selection of markets
People are often looking to gamble on multiple different things rather than just one market, which means they value a site that can offer them more in terms of races, football matches and the range of gambling markets within.
For instance, on a football match, many sites now offer markets as widespread as whether a player will get carded, have a shot or even make a tackle. This means that players can make more predictions than ever and use these as they wish. 
For horse racing, there are a lot of different tracks and courses with a lot of race meets going on, so those who are looking for a betting site to back the horses they’ve researched will want a wide selection of courses and markets. 
Payment methods
People value having different payment methods and ways to move money around in their gambling accounts. Let’s face it, in the modern age, everybody does things slightly differently and while some people prefer Apple Pay, others will prefer methods like debit cards. Some bookmakers and betting sites even allow some of the more old-fashioned methods like calling up to make a payment.
As well as convenient, it should ideally be quick to make a deposit or withdrawal.
The best odds
Odds comparison can make a big difference in certain markets. Every bookmaker and betting site for sports has its own methods of setting the odds, and it may be worthwhile to look around and see which offers the best.
As well as the best odds on certain markets, it is possible that the way bookmakers award wins could affect you. For instance, some may offer more places if you are betting on a horse to place, especially in a big race like the Grand National, where they may also run promotions. 
Of course, the bookmakers offering the best odds can vary from time to time, so it isn’t like there is one simple “best” answer, but some have a better track record than others.
Any site where you are entering your personal details needs to be trustworthy as well as secure. There are many different ways that you can check whether a site is trustworthy. Licensing is one of the biggest indicators, and the site should carry the relevant licences to operate in Ireland. 
In addition, you can read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the site, which can provide insight into their trustworthiness. Always check independent reviews and sites like TrustPilot to determine if a casino is trusted. 
Every casino should offer some form of support and needs to provide a way to be contacted in the event something goes wrong or the customer needs help. Some sports betting sites are known for being better than others when it comes to offering this support. 
In the modern age, we’re seeing more and more AI support on websites, but while this is becoming pretty sophisticated, it is better if a gambling site can provide a fully-fledged human support team. Look out for sites that offer a choice of ways to contact them, including live chat, email and telephone.
Good reviews
One of the main things to consider when looking into a betting website and whether it is right for you is the experience that other people have had. We really do live in the age of independent reviews, and it isn’t hard to find both expert opinions and the experience other gamblers have had with a certain website. Even looking on social media or at Google Reviews can provide some insight into how the gambling brand handles its customers. 

Lots of sites will provide bonuses to both new customers and existing customers, meaning that players may be able to maximize their first deposit or take advantage of things like free bets that are issued after they’ve placed their first bet on the site. While it isn’t essential to provide a good experience, most of the top betting brands do provide some sort of bonus scheme.
The formula is pretty simple really. A good gambling brand should offer plenty of different markets, along with good odds for their customers, decent support and a variety of payment methods. 
Use this guide as your tick-box exercise when looking into a new gambling site, and check whether they offer the right features and criteria to meet your needs.